About company

About company

Stone is a living material, its micro-porous surface can emit heat and vigor. It can`t be replaced with artificial materials, it doesn`t lose its beauty and functionality for years. Stone is timeless, its uniqueness and natural charm will be transmitted through generations.

The production company «Kiev stone» based in 2000, specializes on manufacturing of products made of natural marble and granite: window sills, stairs, bank barriers, bar counters, table-tops, receptions, portals of fireplaces, mosaic panels, staircases, rail-posts, columns, sculptures, facing tile. Our experts perform works on facing of facades, office buildings and private houses with natural stone, render services in restoration of marble and granite floors.
Our company exports granites within the country and abroad, and also is the conventional leader among companies that specialize on processing of a natural stone.

Contact us and you will find not only a professional partner, but also a reliable friend.


    04071, Kiev, Mezhigorskaya St., 56, office 1-b
    Tel.: (38-044) 425 96 26,
             (38-067) 388 88 90
    skype: kiev-kamenniy


    Ultralight marble at the market of Ukraine (3mm natural marble + ceramic base 9mm). Characteristics of products: light weight, high durability, broad temperature resistance (from -40 to +150). Application: interior and exterior decoration.


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